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2-component screw pump eco-DUO 450

The ECO-DUO450 is a 2-component constant-flow volumetric discharging device, newly developed by ViscoTec. It is suitable for discharging a very small quantity of liquid of low to medium viscosity, covering a wide range of applications.

    • Two components mixed: Minimum discharge rate = 0.01 ml, Flow rate = 0.2 - 12 ml/min.
      Micro-dot and thin-line applications are possible while two components are mixed and discharged.
    • High accuracy discharging can be repeated even in the event of changes in viscosity and/or medium feeding pressure.
  • Suck back by reverse rotation of the rotor ensures neat cut-off and prevents dripping of liquid material after discharging.
  • Discharging volume can be easily adjusted using a special controller.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance
2-component screw pump eco-DUO 450


Feeder unit Luer Lock (Patented) with O-ring
Input pressure 0 - 2.0 MPa (Non-thixotropic liquid)
Maximum discharging pressure *4 4.0 MPa
Intrinsic airtightness *1 Approx. 0.2 MPa (Reference medium: Approx. 10 mPa/s 20°C)
Wetted material Anodized aluminum
Sealing Polymer PE, VisChem
Fixed sealing O-ring/FKM (For liquid material)
Motor 18 - 24 VDC (With encoder)
Discharge 0.05 ml/rotation
Discharge accuracy *2 ± 1%
Repeat accuracy 99% and above
Minimum discharge
0.01 ml
Mixing ratio (in volume) 100:100 - 100:20
Volume flow *3 0.2 - 12 ml/min.
Weight 1,230g
*1 The maximum discharging pressure and intrinsic airtightness increase and decrease in proportion to viscosity. See the manufacturer's recommended values.
*2 Volumetric discharge as the absolute deviation against dispenser rotation. It depends on the viscosity of the medium to discharge.
*3 The volume flow depends on the viscosity and initial pressure.
*4 Depending on the type of static mixer.
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