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Advanced liquid handling technology of Naka Liquid Control in action in a variety of industrial fields

Dispensers manufactured by Naka Liquid Control are used in a diverse range of production processes, including miniature electronic components, automotive parts, home appliances, housing and other building materials, and aircraft parts. Our dispensers make substantial contributions to the growth of each of these fields. In recent years, our dispensers are being employed for bonding and coating for a wide array of productsムfor medical, physical, and chemical analyzers, as well as other various products used in daily life.
Along with an expanding range of applications, dispenser types are increasing in number too. At the same time, labor savings, cost cutting, and flexible manufacturing in production processes have resulted in increasingly diverse users needs for additionally sophisticated and high-accuracy dispensers. In order to meet these current requirements, Naka Liquid Control offers a strong line of products, including single-component and 2-component dispensers and other models, suitable for a wide range of applications and many types of liquids. A variety of options are also available to ensure increased versatility in setup changes to meet whatever needs users may have.

To meet the needs of various industrial fields ...

· Semiconductor products
· Electronic and mechanical parts
· Precision instruments and electrical products
· Large equipment and products
· Optical products
· General home appliances
· Office equipment and general consumer products
· Other related fields