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Request for product selection

We are happy to help each and every customer find the most suitable dispenser (constant liquid discharging system). Please use the request form below. Fill out the form with the necessary information (your resin, application, characteristics, etc.) and send it to us. Based on your information, we will select an appropriate type/model of dispenser and get back with you with the specifications and a quote as soon as possible.

Request Form

Technical information
Material Epoxy Polyurethane Silicone Polyester Rubber resin
Acrylic Grease Oil Others ( )
Material maker
Base resin
*Enter the main resin only if your resin is of single-component type.
Base resin viscosity mPa·s/20°C
mPa·s/ °C
Hardener viscosity mPa·s/20°C 
mPa·s/ °C
Mixing ratio Base resin   Hardener
Specific gravity Base resin   Hardener
Use of filler Base resin No Yes ( )
Hardener No Yes ( )
Pot life minutes/20°C
minutes/ °C
Application Filling Adhesion Line-drawing (Bead coating) Spraying
Marking Others ( )
Discharge amount Min /work 
Max /work 
minutes (Amount in g kg)
Discharge time seconds/ g /work up to seconds/ g /work 
1 tact seconds
Operating hours hours/day
Consumption /day
Throughput pcs/day
Budget JP Yen
Delivery time On or before year month day

Company name
Your name First name Family name
Your department
Company address Building
Postal/ZIP code
E-mail @

Please fill in the colored fields.


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