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For use with dispensers Pressure tanksDFAL type (Tanks with Level Gauge)

DFAL type (Tanks with Level Gauge)

To indicate the liquid level, the level-detecting rod (linked to a float) provided at the center of the tank rises and falls as the liquid level changes.
Tanks are available also with low level detection that prevents the liquid from running out or both upper/lower level detection that additionally makes it possible to verify that the tank is refilled.


Model Capacity Construction Limit
DFAL-250B 250mL C3604
(chrome- plated)
Not applicable 0.5 MPa max.
DFAL-250B-LS1 Lower limit
DFAL-500B 500mL C3604
Not applicable
DFAL-500B-LS1 Lower limit
DFAL-1-21 1L SS400
(nickel- plated)
Not applicable
DFAL-1-21-LS1 Lower limit
DFAL-1-21-LS2 Upper + lower limit
DFAL-2-21 2L SS400
(nickel- plated)
Not applicable
DFAL-2-21-LS1 Lower limit
DFAL-2-21-LS2 Upper + lower limit
DFAL-3-21 3L SS400
(nickel- plated)
Not applicable
DFAL-3-21-LS1 Lower limit
DFAL-3-21-LS2 Upper + lower limit
DFAL-6-21 6L SS400
(nickel- plated)
Not applicable
DFAL-6-21-LS1 Lower limit
DFAL-6-21-LS2 Upper + lower limit
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