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Flexible nozzle

Flexible nozzle


Resin nozzle ideal for anaerobic liquids. The resin needle prevents anaerobic liquids from curing within and enables dispensing in narrow spaces without damaging the product.

Applicable Devices

Designed especially for our liquid-discharging valves (FDV2-FWA-V and FDV2-JWA-V) and syringe-type dispensers for anaerobic onecomponent liquids.


Product Name Size Boss Material Needle O.D. Needle I.D. Needle Material
TS-25P 25P PE Φ0.73 Φ0.254 PP
TS-22P 22P Φ0.81 Φ0.406
TS-20P 20P Φ0.99 Φ0.609
TS-18P 18P Φ1.34 Φ0.838
TS-16P 16P Φ1.70 Φ1.193
TS-15P 15P Φ1.82 Φ1.371
Product Name TS-25P TS-22P TS-20P
Size 25P 22P 20P
Boss O.D./Material PE
Needle O.D. Φ0.73 Φ0.81 Φ0.99
Needle I.D. Φ0.254 Φ0.406 Φ0.609
Needle Material PP
Product Name TS-18P TS-16P TS-15P
Size 18P 16P 15P
Boss O.D./Material PE
Needle O.D. Φ1.34 Φ1.70 Φ1.82
Needle I.D. Φ0.838 Φ1.193 Φ1.371
Needle Material PP
O. D. : Outer diameter   I. D. : Inner diameter


Flexible nozzle
(mm)  O. D. : Outer diameter   I. D. : Inner diameter

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