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Air pressure liquid-discharging valve typeDCOP-D

エア圧送式液体吐出バルブタイプ DCOP-D

DCOP-D is a dispenser incorporating a dosing valve that opens and closes by air pressure. Liquid dripping can be prevented for accurate operation. A wide range of tanks and dosing valves are available to meet users specific needs.

  • Operates at 100 to 240V AC, requiring no modification for use outside Japan.
  • The minimum time range setting is 0.001 sec., enabling dispensing of very small volumes and fine control of dispensing time.
  • Input/output terminals are provided for joint operation with automated machinery such as robots.


Discharge range 0.002ml min.
Tank capacity 250ml, pressurized tank
Power consumption AC100 - 240・15W
Air supply 0.5 MPa(Dry air)
Pressure range 0.02 - 0.49 MPa
Time range 0.001 - 99.999 sec.
Operating mode Timed operation (constant quantity) /
sterdy operation (continuus)
Input No-voltage or transister (open collector) contact
Output Open collector contact
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