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Peripheral equipmentPressure tank for dispenser

Peripheral equipment Pressure tank for dispenser

Convenient dispensing directly from a tube

This single-component liquid dispenser incorporates all essential functions in a compact unit. For convenient micro-dispensing, simply set the desired Liquid-filled Tube in the special tank.

  • To discharge liquid from the tube, simply apply pressure after inserting a Liquid-filled Tube into the Plastic Cartridge (fitted with a special adapter).
  • Attaching a special nozzle check to the adapter ensures dispensing of liquid stops completely when desired while preventing dripping at the nozzle end.


Discharge range 0.001 ml/shot (minimum)
Power consumption AC100 - 240V・25W
Air supply 0.5 MPa (Dry air)
Pressure range 0.02 - 0.49 MPa
Time range 0.001 - 99.999 seconds
Action mode Timer action (constant volume) -
Steady action (continuous)
Input No-voltage or transistor (open collector) contact
Output Open collector contact
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