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Peripheral equipment Pressure tank for dispenser

Convenient dispensing directly from a tube

This single-component liquid dispenser incorporates all essential functions in a compact unit. For convenient micro-dispensing, simply set the desired Liquid-filled Tube in the special tank.

  • To discharge liquid from the tube, simply apply pressure after inserting a Liquid-filled Tube into the Plastic Cartridge (fitted with a special adapter).
  • Attaching a special nozzle check to the adapter ensures dispensing of liquid stops completely when desired while preventing dripping at the nozzle end.
Peripheral equipment Pressure tank for dispenser


Discharge range 0.001 ml/shot (minimum)
Power consumption AC100 - 240V¥25W
Air supply 0.5 MPa (Dry air)
Pressure range 0.02 - 0.49 MPa
Time range 0.001 - 99.999 seconds
Action mode Timer action (constant volume) - Steady action (continuous)
Input No-voltage or transistor (open collector) contact
Output Open collector contact
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