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Single-component dispensers

Posi-load metering pumps 50/100

Posi-load metering pumps 50/100

The mechanism of this dispenser is simple with a metering section below the tank. Liquid is sent directly to the metering pump, enabling accurate metering and discharging without any pressure required.

  • Our unique posi-load metering pump is used. A wide output range is available by selecting from different pump sizes.
  • Output volume can be changed easily with a stroke adjustment knob. A discharge pressure reducing valve enables easy adjustment of the discharge rate.
  • All necessary switches used during work are mounted on the control panel, so that the operator can perform proper operation without difficulty.


Machine name Posi-load metering pump Type 50 Posi-load metering pump Type 100
Discharge range 0.79 - 147.23 ml 23.75 - 588.75 ml
Viscosity range 1 - 1,000,000 mPa・s
Material tank 20L open tank
(stainless steel)
40L open tank
(stainless steel)
Output head(valve) FV-SWA
Metering system Volumetric metering(Posi-load type)
Drive system Air cylinder drive
Control system Sequence control (PLC)
Air supply 0.4MPa minimum (Dry air)
Power consumption AC100V・100W
Weight Approx. 60 kg Approx. 100 kg
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