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2-component dispenserKAPPA 5

2-component dispenser KAPPA 5

The "KAPPA Series" is 2-component dispensers for small quantity that have obtained an implicit trust in various industrial fields. As its latest model, we provide the "KAPPA 5". The introduction of a touch panel further improves its operability. The simple body design ensures improved work efficiency and a clean, comfortable working environment.

  • This volumetric metering type posi-load pump contributes to high-precision metering and dispensing since it is not affected by changes in material viscosity.
  • Compared with our conventional models, the "KAPPA 5" has various timers as standard equipment to enhance its functions.
  • Compact and easy-to-operate model that can easily be set up in a small installation space.
  • A miniature high-speed brushless motor with quiet operation sound is used for the mixer, providing more comfortable working environment.


Discharge range* 0.03 - 2.0 ml/shot
(Varies depending on pump combination.)
Mixing ratio* 100:100 - 100:5
Viscosity range* 1 - 300,000 mPa・s
(Higher viscosity material may be used by heating.)
Material tanks 1L for resin, 1L for hardener
(Square SUS tanks)
Flushing tank 10L force-feed tank (SUS)
Mixer Dynamic or static mixer
Metering system Volumetric metering (Posi-load type)
Drive system Air cylinder drive
Control system Sequence control (PLC)
Air requirement 0.4 MPa minimum (Dry air)
Power consumption AC100V・500W
Main body dimensions 535 (H) x 350 (W) x 615 (D) mm
*The above values are theoretical. Actual values can vary depending on the work environment and the resins being used.
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