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Products Information

Plunger pump type MP-502

These 2-component mixing dispensers incorporate our original plunger pumps in the metering mechanism, featuring simple design and offering functional enhancement.

    • Simple, easy-to-operate mechanisms facilitate flushing at the end of operation and maintenance work.
  • Can handle liquids with short pot-life and enable variable and adjustable discharging rate and output.
  • Best suited for incorporating in FA lines.
Plunger pump type MP-502


Models MP-501 MP-502
Discharge range
1 - 50 ml/shot
(Varies with setting ratio.)
1 - 100 ml/shot
(Varies with setting ratio.)
Mixing ratio 100:100 - 100:1.5 (Varies with setting ratio.)
Viscosity range 1 - 50,000 mPa¥s
(High viscosity material may be used by heating)
Material tank 6L force-feed tank (stainless steel)
Flushing tank 19L force-feed tank (stainless steel)
Mixer Motor rotary mixer or static mixer
Output head (valve) FDV2-LWA-V
Metering system Volumetric metering (Plunger type)
Drive system Air cylinder drive
Control system Sequence control (PLC)
Flushing system Manually-operated air force feed
External input No-voltage, contact signal 20 ms or more
External output Contact output, maximum capacity 250V AC¥125V DC 3A
Ambient temp. 0 - 50Ž
Air supply 0.5 MPa
Power consumption Φ3 AC200V¥500W
Weight Approx. 200 kg
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