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Upright metering pump typeTRISTAN 50/100

Upright metering pump type TRISTAN 50/100
    • This volumetric metering type posi-load pump contributes to high-precision metering and dispensing since it is not affected by changes in material viscosity.
  • The tank is partitioned at the center, creating separate areas for resin and hardener, each provided with a metering pump. This design saves installation space.
  • Standard specifications include a upright posi-load metering pumps capable of high-precision metering and dispensing, and a dynamic mixer capable of mixing with high efficiency.


  TR-50E TR-100E
Pump diameter 10 - 50 mm 60 - 100 mm
Storoke 75・120・230mm 75・120・230mm
Min. Discharge amount 0.78ml 28ml
Max. Discharge amount 450ml 1,800ml
Discharge speed Max. 23 mm/sec Max. 39 mm/sec
*Call and consult us for further information or selection of the most effective unit that meets your requirements such as liquid types and viscosities.
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