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Micro volume discharge type2-component dispenser Nu I/II

The Nu I/II - our flagship model for micro volume discharge is now available in a lineup of NLC-original volumetric (plunger pump) dispensers. The new functions and mechanics for ensuring high-accuracy discharging meet high-level requirements.

  • Modularized unit for working with various types of resin.
  • Unique pump structure for easily bleeding air even with high-viscosity liquids
  • Constant inner pressure for stable discharging*
    *Nu II only
  • The 7″ wide color screen displays various information at the same time.
    Compact and lightweight aluminum casing makes the panel readily mobile.
Micro volume discharge type2-component dispenser Nu I/II


Discharge range 0.036〜5ml *1
Mixing ratio 100:100〜100:50 *2
Viscosity range 1〜300.000mPa・s
Material tank 330-ml-cartrige tank or 2.5-kg-container tank
Metering system Volumetric metering type (Plunger pump type)
Mixer Static mixer
Drive system Servo motor drive
Air supply 0.4MPa (Dry air)
Power requirement AC200V 50/60Hz /6A
Power consumption 1.2kW
*1. The values given above are theoretical. Actual values can vary depending on the environment and the resins being used.
*2. Dependent on the resin type. The range may not be applicable to some types of resin.Consult your nearest sales office for special cases.
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