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Micro shot dispenserMD

Micro shot dispenser MD

Featuring NLC's technology for mixing and dispensing minute amounts of 2-component resins

The integrated plunger pump metering method ensures highly precise dispensing of minute quantities of liquid in the range of 0.01-2.8 ml. The combination of AC servo drive and programmable control accommodates a variety of dispensing patterns.

  • The integrated plunger pump metering method can accommodate a wide range of liquids from low to high viscosity.
  • The AC servo drive provides precisely metered dispensing without pulsation.
  • Two independently functioning plungers allow a wide range of ratio adjustments.
  • The adjustable-speed rotary mixer enables control of mixing speeds to accommodate the application and characteristics of the resin.
  • One-touch cleaning control after dispensing operation ensures easy maintenance.
  • The compact unit occupies very little space.


Discharge range 0.01 - 2.8 ml
(Depending on mixing ratio and pump diameter)
Mixing ratio 100:100 - 100:3.5
Viscosity range 1 - 50,000 mPa・s
Material tank Cartridge tank (150ml)
Flushing tank 10L force-feed tank
Mixer Dynamic mixer
Metering system Volumetric metering (Plunger type)
Drive system AC servomotor drive
Control system Sequence control (PLC)
Air supply 0.4 MPa (Dry air)
Power consumption AC100V・700W
Weight Approx. 95 kg
*The values given above are theoretical and may change depending on the type of liquid handled and conditions.
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