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Upright posi-load metering typeLAMBDA I/II

Upright posi-load metering type LAMBDA I/II

Pursuit of versatility, high precision, and ease of operation

    • This volumetric metering type posi-load pump contributes to high-precision metering and dispensing since it is not affected by changes in material viscosity.
  • All necessary switches used during work are mounted on the control panel so that the operator can perform the proper operation without difficulty.


Discharge range 0.36 - 22.7 ml/shot
(depending on setting of ratio)
1.5 - 136.1 ml/shot
(depending on setting of ratio)
Mixing ratio 100:5 - 100:100
(depending on setting of dispensing volume)
Viscosity range 1 - 1,000,000 mPa・s
(high viscosity requires heater)
Pot life 60 seconds and over
(depending on dispensing volume)
Material tank 6L stainless steel open tank 20L stainless steel open tank
Flushing tank 19L force-feed tank
Mixer Motor rotary mixer
Output head(valve) FDV2-SWA-V FDV2-LWA-V
Metering system Volumetric metering (Posi-load type)
Drive system Air cylinder drive
Control system Sequence control (PLC)
Flushing system Manually-operated air force feed
External input No-voltage contact input: 20 ms and over
External output Contact output
(maximum capacity: 250 VAC/125 VDC, 3A)
Working ambient temp. 0 - 50℃
Air supply 0.4MPa minimum (Dry air)
Power consumption φ3 AC200V・500W
(without options)
Approx. 300kg Approx. 350kg
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